Located Downtown Sandusky, Ohio - Halo Live is a premier music venue hell-bent on bringing independent music to North Central Ohio.

It all starts with the space. Converted from the beautiful Salem United Methodist Church, Halo Live's main hall has 30ft ceilings with stunning acoustics, ample room for a great crowd and a VIP lounge that is perched almost 20ft above the main stage. It’s the perfect size for a memorable concert: enough space to draw the big names but intimate enough to actually see them.

The idea is that a great live show is a great live show, regardless of the performer’s money, popularity or lack thereof. Sometimes a great live show isn’t just your favorite band playing your favorite song; sometimes it’s seeing some unknown opener bring the house down without so much as a Facebook page to their name.

At Halo Live, you get the best of both under one roof. Whether a local band on the rise or a sold out marquis act, Halo Live's state-of-the-art sound and top shelf lighting guarantees you’re seeing and hearing them at their absolute best. All you have to do is get here.

Halo Live will be a vital touchpoint for live music in northern ohio, and it will simply happen because Halo Live is committed to bringing something fresh to the fans who want it.



805 Wayne Street Sandusky, OH